Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cosby Knows Best

Supplies Stickers: American Crafts, Making Memories; Fibers: Stampin Up; Clothes Hanger Clip: Advantus; Watermark Ink Pen: Tsukineko; Spray Mists, Mica Powders: Lindy's Stamp Gang; Pen: Faber-Castell; Other: Cardboard

Still sharing some of my projects made for the Lindy's Stamp Gang event over on the Scrapbook News and Review forum last November. 

This is another one of my 80s-themed mixed media projects.  This time it's in the form of an ATC (artist's trading card, 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches).  Who could forget the era of the Cosby sweater?

Again, all the coloring agents are Lindy's Stamp Gang spray mists or mica powders.  That's including the colored fibers in the sweater. 

I really had a blast making this one.  Can you tell? 

What was your favorite (or most loathed) 80s fashion trend?   


So excited for the launch of The Art Studio at Scrapbook News and Review!!!! 

I've loved putting together tutorials for the magazine for a couple years now so it's so exciting to get to be part of a site where I can expand it and put together one-, two-, four-, and six-week classes!!!!

Yesterday I told you about my first up class, Mists - Not Just Point & Shoot.

Today I'm going to share with you my next class. 

Words. Words? Words! - Words & Text as Narrative and as Art

This one will be available for purchase starting July 6 but as of this Friday, you can "Save Your Spot" in the class to make sure you don't miss out. 

My "official" description:

The power of words.

A meandering, lyrical poem.
A heartfelt, handwritten note from mother to child.
One singular, inconsequential word on a page otherwise free of text.
A keldeidoscopic, larger-than-life graffitied name whisking by on the side of a moving train.
A cacophony of type-print words spewed from one central point outward, overlapping and random in orientation.

Words can convey ideas and paint pictures through their meanings, rhythm, the way they’re shaped, the mediums in and on which they’re formed, their presentation, their singularity or their collection. They can make you see, feel and understand. They can uplift, enrage, devastate and comfort.

Much of art, whether it’s paper crafting, mixed media or fine art, exists as a vehicle for telling a story, born out of a blank page or canvas. A blankness that can be daunting. The trick is to know where to begin.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll explore ways to use words and text as your palette for painting a story, first as narrative and then as art.

The first two weeks, you’ll focus on weaving words to spin your tale, whether it’s to document a child’s first haircut on a layout, to honor an anniversary on a card, to lay bare your deepest secrets in an art journal or to quip wittily on an ATC.

You’ll explore the who, what, when, where, how and why of journaling, and you’ll take away more than 15 ideas for storytelling sources. You’ll experiment with more than ten ways to play with your words to convey meaning, create mood and elicit emotion.

The final two weeks, you’ll explore the use of words and text to create art just as you would use acrylic paints, ink, paper mache or other art mediums. Words will become both background and focal point. You’ll use text to create and enhance embellishments and you’ll identify 10 ways to mold words into foundations for your art. You’ll also create your own word art and you’ll begin to view everyday props as vehicles to exhibit and enhance your stories.

All along the way, you’ll be presented with numerous examples, samples and resources as well as encouraged to find your own voice, scour your own stash, and essentially mold the class to fit your needs.

Join me for the entire four weeks or just focus on the narrative or the art. Either way, you’ll walk away with an expanded storytelling toolbox you can apply to any type of paper and mixed media art.

You have the choice of taking only Part 1 - the exploration of words as narrative, only Part 2 - words as art, or I'll also be offering a 10% discount if you sign up to take all 4 weeks before July 19th. 

I'll be putting up all the links to The Art Studio at SNR and to my classes when the site debuts this Friday!

Hope you have a great day!!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That sweater is soooooooooooo cool!! I loved Cosby's sweaters!! And I miss BIG HAIR!!! Lol!!