Friday, May 18, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Darn it!

Due to technical difficulties I won't be able to announce my exciting news until next Friday, May 25 (hopefully!). 

In the meantime, please enjoy these "cracked glass" butterfly inchies:

Originally published in Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, October 2010

My kids have less than two weeks of school left and we've got lots of end-of-year activities to get through.  Whew!  These next few weeks are going to be crazy.  But so much fun. 

Be sure to check out Scrapbook News and Review Magazine next week.  We're publishing a double issue!  It's going to be awesome!

Have a great weekend!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are beautiful! Can't wait to hear the news!!

Mo said...

He he...I know the secret (sing song voice) those inchies!