Thursday, July 1, 2010

They Meet & High School Crush

The new poem on Scrap That Poetry is "First Love" by John Clare.  Click HERE to see the poem. 

I chose to use the line, "...with love so sudden and so sweet" to complement these pics of the first meeting between my son and daughter.  She was 1-day-old here.  Awwwww. 

Almost everything on the layout, except for the felt flowers and the letter stickers, are Stampin' Up!, mostly from a really old scrapbooking kit they offered like 4 years ago. 

Just gotta make myself use up all those old supplies I've been collecting for years!  I think I'd never really used this kit before because it's so simple (not in a bad way) but it totally worked for not only the innocence and simplicity of this moment but also for this week's Sketchy Thursdays 2-page sketch:

Being that today is the 1st of the month I also have the next Category Stories challenge for you.  The prompt is "high school crush".  Gotta say this one stumped me.  I finally arrived here:

It says, "I learned in high school NOT to allow popular expectation to CRUSH individual creative expression." 

I never really let myself fit into any expected mold in high school.  I was an honor student but I changed my style from year to year to MY whim, not necessarily always looking like what the honor students were supposed to look like.  My junior year I went what was called "punk"at the time...I think it would be called "EMO" today.  I was friends with the honor students, the popular kids, the sporty kids, and the kids on the fringe.  I remember my French teacher took one look at me and decided I was obviously a trouble-making idiot the first day.  Boy did he get proven wrong!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  

I just like to do my own thing.  And sometimes that means SUPER messy stitching, painting, misting, border punching,  masking tape journaling on a declaration of individuality!  LOL.

So, has everyone seen Eclipse yet?  Yes, I was one of the crazy ones Tuesday evening at the "Twilogy".  8+ hours in a movie theatre commencing in the first showing of Eclipse at 12:01am!  But it was so much fun!!!!!!  It was so funny when we got out to see the parking lot PACKED and bustling at 2:30am...busier than a hot Friday night.  I think every girl in a 10 mile radius was there. 

I liked Eclipse.  Not loved, just liked.  It was better than New Moon, for sure.  I liked that there were a few funny moments.  But seriously...did Jacob lose some buffness in this one?  WTH???  And I think I just may be joining a new team...Team Jasper!  He had a larger roll in this one and didn't just look like the weirdo lurking in the background grimacing about the apparent stick up his butt.  Love his Southern accent!!!!  So, what did you think?

OK, go have a great day!!!   


Tessa Buys said...

I love your take on the high school crush. So smart to twist the prompt like that. And awesome page!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'm with you...I totally LOVED Jasper in this one!!!! :):):):):):):) And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your pages!!! Those photos on your STP and ST one are GORGEOUS!!!!! And YOU TOTALLY ROCKED the CS one!!!! I was the same way in CLAS NERD....but never looked the part!!! LOL!! Once I wore a G-N-R t-shirt to school and the theater teacher tried to send me to the principal's office for my attire....then the principal let him know that I was #3 in the school and to back off! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonia Krajicek said...

I love your Category Story page! I love the colorful messy paint and the stitching. I also love the twist you took on the prompt! :)

Bev said...

I love your Sketchy Thursdays layout - the precious photos really stand out

Nikki xx said...

hehehe..this is my first visit to your blog Heidi...I love it!!! You're high school prompted layout is fantastic...I love those pages where you can just 'play' looks amazing!...and you know I loved your STP pages....just beautiful :)

lauren said...

what a sweet and adorable double page LO for the newest sketch! i am totally loving the first pics of your son as a "big brother"! (& *NO* i would never have guessed those were older products...they look good to me!!!)

love♥LOVE♥loOoOooove that awesome inky, fun, fabBBbBbBbbulous journal page! i kind of want to get out gesso and paint and make a mess now! :)