Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early Preschool Scrapbook

Sorry I've been hiding under a rock lately.  I've just not been feeling very "scrappy".  I don't know if it's the oppressive weather or the wear of school summer vacation getting to me or what but I'm just feeling blah.  

My son's 1st grade teacher assignment letter (finally) arrived on Thursday and as I troll around trying to figure out who from his Kindergarten class will be in his new one (so far I've only found one, sigh) my thoughts are turning to getting the school scrapbooks started.  I've been sifting through the year's-worth of papers (I didn't purge as we went so I have practically every single scrap of paper from the last year) and gathering together pictures. 

So why am I telling you this?  Because the only almost completed school scrapbook I have so far was made almost 2 years ago now for my son's first (of two) year of preschool and although it's not very impressive or artistic, I thought I'd share some of it over the next few days. 

As I said, it's pretty basic, but as I looked it over for the first time in about a year a few days ago I was struck by how much I liked it.  It's fun.  It's bright.  It's "kid-worthy".  It's cohesive with an obvious theme.  And it's very in-depth.

Every month spans two pages, has a calendar noting what they did and other highlights from my son's life, includes an embellishment to introduce the theme of the month, and has lots of pictures. 

I will apologize right overall apathy prevented me from even taking the pages out of the scrapbook for photographing so the pictures may be a bit warped-looking with glare from the page protectors. 

The theme for August was "All About Me", apt for the first month of school ever, don't you think.  :o)

The tag retells a story my son shared with me about an encounter he had with a beetle on the playground.  And the picture shows all the little treasures he brought home to me during those first few weeks of settling in.  (I photographed the rocks, stick, and fake flower so I could dispose of them but the gem is really sitting there on top of the picture.)  He can be painfully shy and doesn't generally make friends - he waits to be made a friend instead - so he spent his first few weeks on recess digging for things in the sand.  

September's theme was "Our Community" and McGruff the Crime Dog and a fireman visited their school.  The fireman even brought the firetruck which they toured and they got to spray the hose! 

I thought my little school bus was pretty cute. 

Many of my embellies in this book are Cricut die cuts. 

OK, well that's it for today.  I'll share a few more pages this week. 

Off to continue sorting the Kindergarten papers.

Hope you're keeping cool!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH Heidi...this is a genius idea!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!! Of course...I could start one for Brookie and have a fresh start...but if I tried to do Adam's .... lol...I'd have quite the catch up to do!! LOL!! Of course..I did keep all his papers from pre-school on though...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Diana Fisher said...

I'm so glad you did share the book on your blog! I love that bus, and cute that there is a driver drawn in!! Love it! I'll definitely be making school books for Nate. I think I may make minis though, with the best of the year, so one day gets the whole year done--less pressure that way!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Great idea! Your pages are beautiful. I so know the whole not feeling like scrapping thing. I always feel that way when I'm stressed or overwhelmed.

I'm excited to meet you in my class! Thank you so much for signing up. :)

Have a great day!