Saturday, June 5, 2010


As promised, here are the pics of my newly reorganized scrap and play room.  It's nothing architecturally impressive or beautifully's functional. 

And organized.

(HERE is the post with the before pics.)

I have an actual work area with more than a 6x6 bit of empty space!  LOL.  We'll see how long that lasts. 

Top shelf is stuff I don't use often. 
The next row has all the Stampin' Up! sets that I don't think the kids would ever use (they're stacked 2 rows deep here), next to those are my embellie chests (there's another one in the back of the orange one showing, and a couple of large flat ones that are hard to see), and next to that are boxes of naked chipboard sorted by theme. 
The next row houses all my Cuttlebug folders and machine, clear stamp sets (the binders hold Technique Tuesday sets and yes, they're completely full), and the first of 6 chests of individual stamps and small sets.  The next row is another 3 chests of stamps. 
The bottom row is patterned paper.  The first box holds individual sheets sorted by theme (there's another rack full of these, too), the middle box is themed pads (like DCWV), and the right box holds Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Stampin' Up!, SEI, & Crate Paper collections. 
Underneath the shelving are a couple boxes of other scrapbook sets from SEI and QVC. 
Hanging off the top are my apron (which I rarely use), a ring holding templates, a ring showing all my punch shapes, and a ring holding some old American Crafts ribbon sets.  I don't know why I can't seem to use these up.  I've had them for years.  My daughter has taken lately to wearing it.

(yes, she has underwear on)

That rolling cart holds the rest of the loose patterned papers organized by theme.  The green tote to the right holds other collections, mainly of My Mind's Eye.  The box on the left has alcohol inks, paints, and blank card supplies.  On top is my ScrapRack stuffed full of embellies organized by theme. 

This is 3 ScrapRacks hooked together.  I think it's almost 5 feet long.  (Yes, I know.  I have waaaaaaay too much stuff.  For years, mainly when the kids were small, I was a shopper but not much of a user.  I've probably got enough cutesy baby embellies to make 20 books easy.)

The two racks on the left are cardstock.  The white chests hold the rest of the individual stamps and small sets.  That box next to those holds my Ninja Addicts kits!!!!!!  (And woohoo!  My "Sing for the Moment" kit JUST arrived.  As soon as I finish this post I'm gonna break into that baby!)  The basket on top is full mainly of clip-on butterflies.

My quick-grab embellies on my desk.  Ooh, do you see Josie

This corner has a couple cabinets housing things I can lock away if I want, such as my Cricut and other machines, spray paints, and a stash of jelly beans among other things.  The papers in the vertical file are all my newest, fave, wanna-use-them-now patterned papers.  Next to that is my specialty inks chest.  And I finally made myself a ribbon rack for easy ribbon access.  See the hubby's boxing nuns on top of the pool cues?  LOL.

Mostly the rest of it.  The bottom shelf is going to hold all my pics.  They're in the other room right now waiting for me to finish organizing them.  I've got some organized according to the Library of Memories method, in albums (see the green & brown ones?).  The rest will just be in boxes in order.  The LOM method doesn't seem to suit me anymore. 

Here we have loose ribbon sorted in jars by color, jars of flowers and buttons, and misc. tapes among other little tchachkes.

On top is my Stampin' Up! ink carousel.  Then we've got drawers full of "dimensional" alphas (like corrugated, chipboard, etc.).  The bottom set of drawers has painting supplies, heat embossing, Stickles, specialty paints (like Shimmerz & Lumiere), PearlEx, glitters, mica, metallic medium, watercolors, and chalks.

Finally, I have 3 free rolling carts that just get moved around as they get in my way.  They house my most-used alphas, bling, mists, masks, borders, microbeads, & oil pastels.  There are also drawers of dry embossing tools, and texture medium & clay.  I have a drawer for "found objects and textures" which has things like corrugated coffee sleeves, bubble wrap, aluminum foil, fabrics, meshes, etc.  And there are drawers with misc. tools, staples (incl. my Fastenator), and adhesives.  On top is a little box full of paper scraps and misc. items I think I may one day use.  This is what's left after I went through the original, much bigger box and threw out lots of, well, crap.  I'm a hoarder.  Can you tell?

So, whadaya think?  I'm sick, no?  But at least now it's an organized sickness. 

And, as mentioned, this room is also the kids' playroom.  So they get the other half.  This is a very large room.  It was designed to be the formal living and dining rooms but who needs those???  We knew when we built the house that it'd be a playroom so we walled it off with double doors and installed Pergo.  It was my husband's playroom in the beginning...

Now I have a very large elephant in the room to work around.  Although I have to admit the hubs was teaching the boy how to play a couple nights ago, now that it's been unearthed from the mounds of scrap stuff.  We've even got kid-length cues for them.  I house boxes full of cars, musical "instruments", and dress-up paraphernalia underneath. 

Here's where they can watch tv or dvds or read. 

More books, lots of games, and then I've given them access to lots of my scrap supplies.  I've promised them over the summer they can start making their own scrapbooks. 

I've given them access to most of my Stampin' Up! sets.  Someone should use them...  Note that all of the SU! sets are stacked two deep.  I was my own best customer when I was a demo.  They've also been given access to all my punches (in the purple tote), some foam stamps, and those white chests hold border- and picture mat-sized cardstock organized by color. 

Here's their work table with all my specialty scissors, and buckets of pencils and glues. 

The first drawer is full of crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  The second has stamps, templates, tools, rulers, etc.  The bottom is coloring books and notebooks.

I gave them all my large-sized cardstock scraps (in the top bin) and lots of patterned papers that are outdated to my taste (bottom 2 bins).  It doesn't look like much in these pics but each bin has probably at least 5-6 inches of papers each in them.  They've been instructed this is still considered special paper which is not to be used to make confetti or "wrap" pretend presents, etc.  They have an ample supply of cheap construction paper for those shenanigans. 

The rest of their supplies are in that cabinet.  I've used one with doors so I can lock it in case other small children come by.

The bottom 2 shelves are supplies they can use at their whim.  There are jars of beads, yarn, dry pasta tubes, rolls of paper, pipe cleaners, and stickers among other goodies here.  The top two shelves are items that they can use but only with permission first.  I had a ton of "extra" ink pads I'd collected over the years that I hadn't been using because I mainly use my SU! ones so they have a fully stocked ink chest.  There's ribbon, fabric, tons of felt, glitters, buttons, googly eyes, bells, beads, feathers, cheesecloth, craft sticks and many other fun things up there. 

OK, so there you have it.  My scrap & play room. 

Let's see how long it'll stay clean. 

I'm off to tear into that Ninja Addicts kit and do me some scrappin'!!!!


Kurichan said...

Impressive! I don't remember the last time I saw the pool table ;-) Hopefully with all the organization will come time for all your creative talent!

Mo said...

Oh girl, I think you've inspired me to tackle my room once again. It's a mess! I need to reorganize!!! I'm loving how you explained what goes where cuz that really helps me figure out better ways of organizing!!!

And my kids have full access to my SU too as I was ALSO my own best customer :)


Jennifer Campbell said...

I am my best customer... just placed another huge order last night! I love your organization... I can't wait to have my own space again... so I can have fun and organize!

Tessa Buys said...

Wow! That must feel good to have a place for everything. I need to do that tonight! What a great space! I love how it's family friendly.

Sarah Mullanix said...

oh my goodness girlie!! that's an awesome and huge scrap space but I think you might need to purge! WOWzers you have a lot of supplies!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!! I think I need to make a trip to Heidi's house and come play there!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what U have done with your room!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sweet Escape said...

oh man!!!,,your room looks super awesome and organized!!,,man,,,i need to get going on mine!!!,,,one day maybe!!! :-))

lisa said...

Well done, that looks like a whole new room. Have a lovely Sunday xx

Bev said...

Wow Heidi you have done an awesome job cleaning up! I seem to be continually doing clean up in my scrap room - I thought I had a lot of stuff LOL! It is a pity I live sooo far away could join Julie to come over - your stamp collection looks very impressive