Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink Ninjas Kick Ass!

I am so HONORED to have been chosen to be a Pink Ninja again!!!!  The Pink Ninja community is full of the most awesome, sweet, bad ass, funny, amazing, amazingly talented people ever. 

The newest Pink Ninjas are a rad compilation of current, past, and brand new chicks:

Ninja Master Ally
Ninja Master Nely
and Moi:

So, all us Ninjas answered a few get-to-know-you seriously random questions.  Here are my answers:

1 - where do you live??  Gilbert, Arizona

2 - favorite etsy shop??  Ninja Addicts, of course! And Design By Diana.

3 - what did you do last night??   ummm...same old weeknight ritual getting the kids fed, bathed, read to, and into bed. then i watched glee for the first time ever. got room in the viewing schedule now that lost is over.

4 - do you have a crush?? we wanna know more,,,    after 20 years i still think the hubs is a hottie. top of my celebrity "freebie" list is taye diggs, has been ever since he was in "how stella got her groove back". and i'm getting to get to be a diry old lady. a couple of the boys from "big time rush" are eyebrow-poppers and damn! taylor lautner makes me all gooey. i'm still team edward on paper but team jacob on the big screen. mm mm good.

5 - are you tatted?? if yes, share,,,   i have a crescent moon with a kanji for "strength" on my bicep. even though the two things make one tattoo the image meanings are mutually exclusive. someday when i have disposable income again i plan on a few more.

6 - wal-mart or target??   target all the way!!!!! i love that little dog Bullseye!!!!!

7 - tell me something random about yourself -   i'm a control freak when it comes to driving. i must drive. i'm ambidextrous (although since i don't practice writing with my left hand, the handwriting's legible but ugly. i can do most other things with both hands, though). i can say the abc's just as fast backwards as forwards. (and no, i didn't learn it for sobriety tests!) so would that be my zyx's? i'm double jointed and very bendy (channeling phoebe here). i can bend my thumb BACK to touch the top of my wrist. i once had a personal trainer convinced there was something wrong with his flexibility test because i tested so flexible. i'm just as *&#!%$@ salty as any sailor out there!

8 - in which era do you belong??   the end of the 60s. it was ok to be a strong woman while staying home with the kids.

9 - first kiss??  the best feeling there is. eye-closing, breath-catching, stomach-swooping bliss. wish i could get another one.

Check out the Pink Ninja blog to read the other Ninjas answers.  They're so much fun! 

Our first prompt as a new group goes up next Wednesday 6/9.  We're returning to the old prompt format of "just a prompt" so you all can interpret and create from it whatever your heart desires.  Hope to see you play along!!!!!!

And make sure you check out the newest Ninja Addicts kit "Sing For the Moment".   The colors are so yummy!!!!

Have a Ninjalicious Wednesday!

Ninja Heidi


Christina said...

good to see you back!!

Diana Fisher said...

Yeah for the ninja status again!!! :) And thanks for loving my etsy shop, u r the best!!!! Very cool Q&A. My hottie freebie list: Colin Farrell. OMG, I want that man!! Did you know Taye Diggs is from Rochester?! All the best people are from here!!

Mo said...

yay heidi! i liked that you kept your rockin pic! woot to the ninjas!

Jocelyn said...

Loved reading your list!!!!! Congrats on making the team again!!!

allyson joy said...

Hiiiiiii yaaaaaaaa!!!! So glad you're a pink ninja again love big!!! You're perfect!! Welcome back sweet pea!!

Sarah Mullanix said...

So happy to be a pink ninja with you and I can't wait to get to know you better and see all of your upcoming work!!

Antonia Krajicek said...

Congratulations Heidi!!! I'm happy we'll get to continue to see all the awesome projects you create with the kits. I like the fun little interview too! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I agree with Diana...ALL the bestest peeps are from Rochester...INCLUDING ME!! LOL!!! How funny....I have two places that I have lived that i have a connection with U and Diana!?!?!?! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your Q&A...and I need to see that TAT...I have four U know! CONGRATS on the DT my dearest!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)