Monday, March 23, 2009

Few more Pinetop pics

A few more Pinetop 2009 layouts that I love. I use this particular design quite often. It's a scraplift from an issue of Scrapbooks Etc. mag a few years back. One layout for each kids' 2009 album plus one for the family 2009 album. I particularly like Kinsey's layout. Non-traditional snow palette and all the elements just seem to complement each other perfectly.

A favorite recent layout

OK, so this isn't exactly a pic of the kids' rooms but I thought I'd post a favorite recent layout I did. So many people seem to shy away from "white" space but I LOVE it! I think it makes the layout more dramatic. Plus, I'm so drawn to patterned paper and this is a way to let the paper that I love take a starring instead of supporting roll. So, here it is. This was taken in Pinetop last month. The composition of the shot is what gets me. I always say, take a thousand pictures and one is bound to come out pretty good.

Case in point...

So, here's post #2...almost 2 years later. Woooo, I better pace myself. OK, so here's the deal. I'm going to try to keep this thing up. I'm going to start updating with my scrap pages and craft projects. Get them "out there". I love reading other people's blogs and how do I arrive at those? I see their stuff on someone else's blog or in an online gallery. Soooo, OK, time to make an effort.

I'm currently rearranging, updating and redecorating as necessarily age appropriate both kids' rooms and the playroom. So, I'll begin by posting pics of the before and after plus shots of anything else I create for the rooms. Once I get the pics downloaded, I'll start posting. (Let's hope it doesn't take me another 2 years.)