Monday, November 23, 2009

Spunky Scrappers "Thankful"

Happy Monday!

This week's prompt on Spunky Scrappers is to scrap what you're thankful for - BUT you can't use the word "thankful" in the title.

I'm thankful for my two little ankle-biters.

OK, yes, technically this is an Easter layout, but it works for this prompt!  I didn't use "thankful", LOL! 

This is a sketch from one of The Studio's charity:water challenges last weekend.  It's made by Scrapbook Calls magazine for Anam Stubbington:

Details:  Paper - DCWV, The Paper Co.; Basic Grey cardstock alpha & trim; SEI buttons; Dymo labeler.

Head on over to the Spunky Scrappers site to see what other members of the Design Team made.  

And check out our NEW MEMBERS of the Design Team!!!  Woohoo!  What a great expanded team! 

Aaaaand, we also have a Spunky blog now!  AND flikr site for YOU to PLAY ALONG WITH US!!!  Aw, come on!  Come play along.  :o)

On another "little things" ever get you just all riled up and you have a hard time moving past them?   I'm just so irritated right now about a message someone wrote on my wall on a ning site that I'm a member.  Someone I don't know.  It said, "Thanks for being a jerk in that chat room."  I've not been on that site's chat room, EVER, nor have I been in a chat room anywhere in ages.  I know that shouldn't bother me, right?  But it just does.  Which irritates me more. 

OK, well, there's my rant for the day.  Grrrrrr.

Here's looking forward to a better rest-of-the-day.




Perfectly Precocious said...

I'm so sorry about the chat room thing. Some people just don't know how to resolve their problems in a constructive, appropriate way (and obviously how to post comments properly). Love your layout! Is that your favorite sketch (again)?! Love it!

Diana Fisher said...

So sorry about that wicked person!! I know you, and you'd never do whatever it is they think you did. What a pain!! grrr..... On the other hand, your kids are adorable in that picture! And the page is very cool! Is that some more ST 9/24? :)

Heidi said...

That's so funny that you both would point out the possible sketch!! And yes, I must be subconsciously drawn to that general layout because it's very similar to the Sketchy Thursdays 9/24 sketch, but it's not...I've updated the post to note where it's from.