Thursday, October 29, 2009

Torendi People's Choice 3rd & Last Round - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!

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Edit:  Thank you to everyone that voted in the competition.  It was brought to the Torendi team's attention that there were ways to cheat the system and vote multiple times.  So, as a result, the poll was taken down.  They will be figuring out another way to choose their team.  If anyone out there has a suggestion for how they can impartially make their choice, please pass it on.  Not that I wanted an outcome like this but whew!  It does make me feel a bit better that it really may not have been that my card was THAT much worse than the others.  Thank you again to every one of you that voted for me.  I am soooooooo humbled!  I'll keep you posted on the outcome. 

It's the third and final round of Torendi's People's Choice competition. 

Thank you to all who have voted for me in the first 2 rounds!!  Now I REALLY need everyone's support this round because only the top 2 vote getters will get the coveted Design Team positions. 

I absolutely love the whole Momiji / Kawaii / Japanese Pop Culture papercrafting scene and Torendi's blog itself and to be a part of their amazing Design Team would be beyond AWESOME!!! 

So, here's my final entry.  Whadayathink? 

I had a couple of other "punny" ideas rattling around in my head like the last couple entries I made but something just drew me to making this balloon. 

I drew and cut out a balloon and then glittered each section with that yummy Martha Stewart super fine glitter.  IRL this balloon is just about the most sparkly, bright, gorgeous thing you've ever seen! 

And, can you tell the balloon is the front flap of the card with the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love paper as the back/inside flap of the card?

I'm loving my little woven basket, too. 

The little paper airplane flying out from behind the balloon is a nod to Torendi's logo.

Of course, had to make it sparkly to compete with the balloon.

The card sentiment, "rethink" is actually from the barcode strip off one of the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love papers.  How's that for rethinking?  Ha ha ha!

Details: Paper - Cosmo Cricket, American Crafts, DCWV, Bazzill; Martha Stewart fine glitter; Stickles; unknown wire.


Only the top 2 vote getters will be offered the Torendi Design Team positions and I would REALLY love to be one of them.  So I really, Really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y need your votes.

All I'm asking is for 3 clicks from once HERE, then once on the Torendi sidebar to select my name (Heidi Myers), and then a third click on "VOTE". 

Please?  Please?  Please?  With sugar on top?  And a cherry?  How about with some Edward on top?  That's my brand of sugar!!!  Or some cherry-licious Jacob?   But I digress.

Thank you ever so much for all your support!!!

Humbly yours,



Christina said...

Verrrrry cool! I'm off to vote for you again!! I LOVED the sushi card!!

itsabrt said...

If this doesn't say Torendi then I don't know what does!!! Beth

Okispice said...

You blew me away with that balloon card (blew - ha ha! get it?- but seriously!) I voted!

Leah the Orange said...

totally got your back, girlfriend. i'm going to send some voters your way, too. GOOD LUCK! your card is just amazing! xo

Jenn said...

OOOHHH AHHHHHH love that glitter and the little airplane just takes the cake. Good luck and thanks for trying out! I would hire everyone if I could!

Carolyn Christie said...

Voted!... This is awesome, I love your balloon!!

Nicole Terry said...

I voted, but hey, it wasnt hard since that card is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Good Luck!!

Jennifer Campbell said...

Absolutely beautiful... I voted for you.

- said...

done! your card is lovely!
clare from simply scrapping

suzARTe said...

best of luck Heidi. If you don't get picked they are crazy, that card is just amazing. I just cast my vote so heres hoping for good news

Leah the Orange said...

GAH! i hate that it's obviously a popularity contest!! :(

you DESERVE the highest number of votes, especially on this round! your card shows the most work, and creativity and ingenuity... i'll be sad if they don't choose you!

Jodi C. said...


Donna said...

Heidi...Your card is just absolutely stunning...If you don't win with this I will eat my hat!! Ok off to vote for you...3 times!! Goodluck!!!

Charlene said...

I voted for you! :) Your card is beautiful! Hugzxx

Kurichan said...

I am glad the torrendi folks realized the poll wasn't legit and someone was know I think your stuff is great! And in case you don't know, YOUR STUFF IS GREAT!!! :-)