Friday, October 2, 2009


I am so flippin' excited!!!!

I am a PINK NINJA!!!!!!

How freakin' COOL is that??!!  I'm so excited!!!  (Can you tell?)

I can't believe the AMAZING team they've put together!  Check it out!!  And they're letting me be a part of it!! 

So, do you think this is "Ninja" enough?

I also had this next one, but went with the one above as my "official" Ninja headshot.

Yeah, not sure what's going on with the whole shushing thing.  Oh, well.   I think the pics are like "Sweet Goth Cheerleader Ninja" vs "Bad Cougar Ninja".  (Oh, yes, there was a fair amount of Photoshopping the wrinkles out of my pics.  Really messes with a girl's ego, ya know?)

So, ya gotta hit The Pink Ninjas site next Wednesday to see the first Design Team layouts reveal.  It is going to be so much fun!!!

In the meantime, come play along with us on this week's prompt - Drink of Choice.  I've got my layout all up in my head...just gotta get me a pic of my drinky-drink and thrown that puppy down on some bad ass paper!  (Wow, being a Ninja makes a girl feel powerful and B.A.D.!!!  Gotta slap that paper around, show it who's boss!  Tee hee!)

So, although I'm not supposed to reveal this yet (please forgive me Ally!) this is just too perfect to pass up this occassion.  (If you are a participant in Ally's Kawaii ATC swap CLOSE YOUR EYES NOWDon't peek.  ATC spoiler ahead!) 

I thought this little missy was just so Pink Ninjas:

My sweet little Ninja is a combination of a Powerpuff Girl and my daughter.  And she's holding my Ninja weapon of choice, the nunchuckas, because, as her dress says, she can "...kick your ass".  The kanji is my crude rendition of "bad".  (I apologize deeply to anyone who can read kanji and can see just how pathetically I miffed it.)

So, please, head on over to The Pink Ninjas site and give the new Pink Ninjas team lots of LOVE!!!

Ninja Heidi


Jenn said...

Congrats! and I LOVE the ATC!!!!

Euphoria said...

DUDE- you ROCK so hard- I love you!

Your photos have me floored! They are so FABULOUS!! Hubbs had to be out glofing or something!

LOVE your Kawaii swap card, can't wait to get it!!!

You're the BEST HEIDI!!

Leah the Orange said...

holy crap, Heidi! this is fantastic, and those pics are SUPAH-HOT!! love 'em! you one sassy bizz-natch! xo

~BridgetL~ said...

I think you will totally rock as a Pink Ninja. Can't wait to see next weeks reveal

ally serrato said...

shut up!!!! that freakin atc is rad!!!! i looooove it!! and welcome to the team baby ~ so stoked to have you!! i adore your photos!!

Christina said...

Glad you're on the team!!! Should be crazyfun!!

Perfectly Precocious said...

Congrats, Heidi!

Emily said...

Hehe... I adore those pics of you my bad ass Heidi!! You are already full of "spunk" so I knew you'd make a rockin' Pink Ninja! I am so uber stoked that you are on the team with us!! Love ya darlin!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I saw that on their blog earlier today... CONGRATS!!!! I bet you will be one awesome ninja!!

Sweet Escape said...

eeek!! so excited to have you on the team!!!~love your ninja pic!~it kicks serious butt!!!~and those atc's are freaking rad!! love them!!!

Anonymous said...

I dig the whole shushing thing! congrats, and I love the profile picture!