Sunday, October 4, 2009


Meet charity: water.

Have a good look around, get to know them. They are doing wonders in areas that don’t have what most of us take for granted - clean water. Just think about it for a minute… imagine what it would be like to be without this necessity. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine being without something that is always there. Something you never have to think or worry about. But a lot of people do worry. One billion people do, in fact. They face every day without that life giving luxury that we throw around like, um, water.

Now meet Amanda from The Studio.  She started talking to everyone she knew. And everyone she didn’t really know. And everyone they knew. Soon she had something incredible going on. And now, SHE NEEDS YOU!

Starting at 7pm (GMT) on Friday 13th November they will be hosting a BIG scrapbooking event. It will last for 48 hours and there will be games, challenges, special guests and PRIZES! A new challenge will be posted every 2 hours for the whole weekend! And there's an unbelievable grand finale:  Cathy Zielske will be setting the final challenge!!!! 

For a while now Cathy Z has used her online voice to reach the thousands of scrapbookers who frequent her website and started this pretty cool campaign: Scrapbookers for clean water. Her campaign supports charity: water.

There will be a prize for each and every challenge they post over the weekend and a prize for the overall winner of the event! More details will follow on how it will all work. For now, they need to get everyone signed up and ready to go! Of course, they are starting off as they mean to continue – with some prizes! Everyone who signs up to play and makes a donation before 20th October will be entered into a random draw to win one of five of these cool kits from Cosmo Cricket!

Now you’re paying attention!!  ;o)

Here’s what you need to do to play:

1. To sign up for the event click here. You need to register and then join the charity: water event to start the ball rolling. If you’re playing for fun, that’s all you need to do.

2. If you want to be in to win the prizes you need to make a donation. Whatever you can spare. They aren’t into pressure at all. There are 2 ways to donate, here on Cathy’s page OR here to The Studio's charity: water Paypal address. If you donate directly to Cathy’s page you MUST enter the following into the comments box: “My donation for charity: extravaganza” so they know you’ve donated and can include you in the prize drawings.

3. Once you’re signed up and have made your donation leave a comment on the wall in the event area letting them know that you’re ready to play! If you are unable to donate they’d still love to have you play along anyway but, sorry, the prizes will be off limits! There is a chat group set up here for you to start getting to know your fellow players!

4. Sit back and watch the fun unfold. The Studio will be having prize giveaways leading up to the event and then the real excitement begins at 7pm (GMT) on 13th November! It’s going to be fabulous!

Be sure to check out the list of sponsors so far that are donating for this wonderful event for this wonder cause.  It's a very impressive list and it's only going to get longer!!  Be sure to keep checking back for updates!!  (I'm guessing you'll see a sponsor close to my heart showing up soon.  I'm just sayin'...Stay tuned!)  If you would like the opportunity to sponsor this amazing event The Studio would love to hear from you!  Drop them an email to and do something great today!

So now, go forth, tell everyone you know. And everyone you don’t know. Just like I did!



The Studio by Amanda Jones said...

Woo hoo! thanks for your support, Heidi :o)

Amanda x

Maureen said...

what an awesome cause, i'll check it out!

Mo said...

omg heidi! we are on the same wavelength...i was soooooo thinking Mark Decascos!!!! He is looking mmmm mmm good these days! I'll put him on the list! Don't he got some Filipino in him...ha hah!