Thursday, September 10, 2009


OK, sometime between yesterday and today I got over 2500 hits!!!!  Anyone have any idea why????  Am I listed somewhere I'm not aware?

Not that I'm complaining!!!


Yesterday I was so excited I was nearing 10,000 hits and then WHAM! today I have almost 12,000! 


Thank you so much for everyone who ACTUALLY wants to read my ramblings and see my etchings.  I'm amazed every day and completely blown away.




Emily said...

Wow.. was there a nude pic somewhere? LOL, that is awesome! Congrats on all the hits darlin! You have a fabulous blog that I adore reading! Take care!

Leah the Orange said...

hi, i'm your newest stalker. *refresh*

i really really really really really love your work. :) really really.

(hi, i'm diana's friend!)

Heidi said...

Emily, if that was the case, people would've been running screaming FROM, not hitting my blog!

And, yes, Leah the Orange, I am completely aware of who you are!!! I LOVE that card you made for Sketchy Thursdays!!! I'm stalking you, too!!!

Leah the Orange said...

sweet. i dig cyborg artist types! thanks for the compliment, Heidi! but you might seriously consider being afeared...


stalk away. the hit counter never lies!

Emily said...

LOL, you two are a mess! But I love it. I'm with Leah... maybe you have a stalker.... hmm....

Euphoria said...

You hit 12000 cause you ROCK sweetie! Mega talented and you totally deserve it!