Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Add Naked Flea

The prompt this week on The Pink Ninjas is "concerts".  "Well, damn!" I thought.  I'm going to have to skip a week because I have not been to a concert in so long, at least not one with pics and paraphernalia.  (I'm guessing Beatlemania at the Indian casino isn't exactly THE COOLEST concert to document and even so, I do not have any goodies to show for my attendance.)   I've just not been much of a concert-goer in recent years.  (I blame my husband...)

However, my youth was peppered with lots of fun concerts, so I began digging for evidence, and came across this:

Apparently, I attempted a "scrapbook" several years ago (I'm guessing this is cira 1992 or earlier)!   And this page is where I documented the first concert/date I went to with my husband.  I love that I wrote on it that this was the first time I'd asked anyone out on a date, too!  How funny!! 

But would you LOOK at that scrapbook page??!!  (And the DATE on that ticket??  1990!!!  AND THE PRICE??!!  $17.50!  Man, I feel old!!)  I seriously did not remember making this book (granted it's only got 4 pages made), although I now have vague memories of sitting on the floor in our apartment with my new Michaels stamps feeling very artistic and proud of myself. 

So I photographed this page to preserve its memory because I'm now going to scavenge the ephemera off it and retell the stories it told, but hopefully a little more artistically.  (Yes, I know!  There are some of you out there just screaming indignantly that I shouldn't ever change early pages...shush!)

So, now I give you, "Just Add Naked Flea":

(Hopefully my hubby won't notice the liner notes for the CD are AWOL...)

And, yes, Flea wore his sock outfit for the concert...ya know what i mean?  LOL!

Do you remember the whole torn, holey, "runned" black nylons craze?  OK, so maybe it was an 80s thing, but still, I thought it went well with this layout. 

And the safety pin thing, too.  I have vivid memories of sitting in a class in Jr. High (I think) watching a boy nonchalantly safety pin his cheek.  {shudder} 

My Tuesday Techniques challenge on Memories Always-Forever this month is to use paint on your layout.  I had a blast "painting" the base paper.  The lines are "stamped" with cardboard, the edges are swiped, and I had the best time splatter painting. 

The splatter painting was so much fun my daughter also got in on the fun on her own project:

And then SHE became the project...

But I digress. 

Details:  American Craft paper; Prima Marketing rhinestone stickers; Michaels paint; Barbara Trombley's art glitter; Dymo label; Target feather trim and $1 spot flair pin; unknown flower; nylons, safety pins, RHCP CD liner notes, cardboard.

Be sure to check in on The Pink Ninjas on Wednesday for their next prompt!!  Always soooo much fun!

And, join me on MAF for the Tuesday Techniques paint challenge!



Emily said...

You are uber talented Heidi!! I love all of your work! And this layout totally rocks!! OMG, I love it! Thanks for playing with the ninjas!!

Ninja Em

Adrienne said...

LOL! I read everything that you wrote! How funny! I dont think it is such a bad thing to reproduce old work with better flair! I might say that I too... Would do this to a few things. Sounds like a plan eh? I think so! Love the layout! Love that you did something new, (and much better) with the old... LOL :D Thanks for playing along with us!!

Ninja Adrienne

Adrienne said...

Oh an by the way! Love the "live the life" card for the BG gallery! Beautiful!

Diana Fisher said...

So COOL! I had to skip this week at Ninjas. I have no documentation of the concerts I've been to, and the most recent was 3 years ago and not very scrappy (Dirks Bentley). I wanted to scrap the Metallic Concert I went to 6 years ago, but I have no proof of it. But I digress... your page is FAB!!! Love the pics of Kins, too!

ally serrato said...

whoa heidi ~ that nylon, or whatever it is freaking rocks!!! and the safty pins,,, oh my!! wow ~ thanks for sharing this wicked layout ~ love how you re-created it :-) thanks for playing!!!

Crystal (mom4cuties) said...

LOL!! I love the 80's look- the saftey pins bring back memories!!! I have redone my earlier pages too!! :)

Okispice said...

I don't see anything wrong with Beatlemania - but then, speaking of old - I am a child of the 60s and 70s. That 80s stuff is for kids! ha ha! Seriously, love your stuff - keep up the good work and I think it is groovy that you kept did that first scrapbook page like that. I have a policy not to do anything over that is done once so I would keep it just like it is. What a great memory!