Monday, August 31, 2009

Spunky Ham & Cheese

Woohoo!  Welcome to the next Spunky Scrappers challenge!  The prompt this week is FAMOUS PAIRS.

You can go so many different directions with this can refer to two people as Bonnie & Clyde or Romeo & Juliet.  Your kid and their best friend go together like peas & carrots.  You can do opposites like the roadrunner & coyote.  And it doesn't have to be people either...light & dark, ketchup & mustard, black & white.  OK, enough.  The possibilities are endless.  Just be sure to have fun and keep it spunky!!!

Here's my interpretation, "Ham & Cheese":

I am sorry to say I no longer remember the story behind this picture. I just remember it was so funny that my son was crying while my daughter was running around laughing and acting crazy. Usually, however, the scenario is reversed, hence my subtitle, "For once, she's the ham to his cheese."

I based the font of "ham" and "cheese" on Stampin' Up!'s doodle alphabet stamps, although they're hand-lettered and changed up a bit.

I'm sooooo happy to have my sewing machine back (even though it technically wasn't broken, but I thought it was).  Had some more stitching fun.  I love the way it looks when you backstitch slower than the machine wants to...the more loopy and uneven the better if you ask me!!!

Oh, man, do you think my son's going to kill me someday for posting these pics of him?  Ha ha!!!  I have a lot of great "blackmail" pics peppered throughout all his scrapbooks.  Better not mess with Mama, sweetie, if you don't want your friends introduced to these pics.  Bwah-ha-ha!!  Don't get me wrong - I'm an equal opportunity blackmailer.  My daughter has her fair share, too. 

Details - American Craft paper; Zig Milennium pen; thread; Gilbert Pizza menu. 

OK, let's see just how Spunky you are!!!!  Come on!  Whip it out!!  Link up your spunky famous pairs project to the Spunky Scrappers gallery.  And be sure to check out what the Spunky DT created for your inspiration.  Leave them all some love because they did amazing jobs!



Millie said...

This reminds me of something we do in my family...we have family hugs with 3-4 people so someone is always in the middle. We call this being the ham and cheese and everyone enjoys being the cheese or ham from time to time!
I love handmade paper and yours really sets off the LO!

Euphoria said...

I love this!! My fave is the random papers in the bubbles, and your handwriting fonts ROCK!!