Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I made the Cricut Chirp!!

For all you Cricut owners out there, cricut.com has a message board where people can display their Cricut-made creations. Once a week an email is sent out called the Cricut Chrip where they feature 8 - 10 or so creations from the message board.


I noticed last night that I suddenly had a lot (about 150) hits in an hour. This was very noticeable to me since I just started my blog. Then this morning there were another 100 or so hits. I noticed that they were all coming from cricut.com and then I realized the Chirp had arrived in my inbox last night. So I looked and practically fell out of my chair! This card was featured:

I am over the moon and quite humbled at the response! Thank you all!! Your comments are so greatly appreciated!!

Check out the cricut.com board for the link to this and peruse around a bit at the other creations. Leave a little love. Take it from me - it really does make their day. :)


p.s. Soon I will be adding a link on the sidebar for cards and other creations for sale through Etsy.com. I'm pretty sure (judging from it's response) that this one will be one of the available! Check back for that link and/or email me (see link on sidebar) to be added to my blog subscription list to receive updates and see my creations as they are posted. Thank you again for your support!! - H

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