Monday, March 23, 2009

A favorite recent layout

OK, so this isn't exactly a pic of the kids' rooms but I thought I'd post a favorite recent layout I did. So many people seem to shy away from "white" space but I LOVE it! I think it makes the layout more dramatic. Plus, I'm so drawn to patterned paper and this is a way to let the paper that I love take a starring instead of supporting roll. So, here it is. This was taken in Pinetop last month. The composition of the shot is what gets me. I always say, take a thousand pictures and one is bound to come out pretty good.

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Mary Perry said...

I love your sledding layouts. Esp. love the little sledder element. Is that a cutter file?

I do separate layouts for each of my two daughters, and all 5 of my grandkids, so do lots of duplications, also.